Fiverr quick view : Guide Review (+ Extension download)

fiverr quick view is a chrome extension and a toolkit which improve fiverr gigs management and research. All notification details about buyers and request features

Fiverr quick view : Guide Review (+ Extension download)
Fiverr quick view Smart chrome extension

With this smart fiverr extension (fiverr quick view) you will able to get the great response about full details about your buyers who request to a product or service directly to your fiverr account.

Fiverr quick view toolkit improve and add quick response and great impressions on fiverr. It is a safe to use and it have 40,000 users around the world

This tool contain

- Store Data in browser and now external database or service needed

-All search can be sorted by rating by sales 

- Shows keywords that performing better

- Show buyer location after receiving buy request.

More information about Fiverr quick view

- Offered by lolage

- Version 1.39

- Updated at July 12,2022

Tools Related to fiverr quick view

- Smart fiverr


- Fiverr seller Assistant

Take a time to join to fiverr to use this toolkit if you have existing account login in now to use this Fiverr toolkit.


Frequent asked questions (FAQs)

What is fiver quick view?

Fiverr quick view is a smart chrome extension Which improve fiverr gigs management and research to your fiverr account. Fiverr quick view shows more details about buyers request.

How can I see my fiverr views?

You can click the Gig title in the list and scroll down to see various statistics regarding to your Gig or you can use fiverr quick view.

How do I increase my gig view on fiverr?

Do SEO for Gig to rank on fiverr

1. Find more researchable keywords with low keywords difficult (KD) but large in search volume.

2. Place your keyword in your title.

3. Also place your target keyword in description.

4. Use tags.

How to Get more traffic to a fiverr Gig

1. Use social media to advertising your gigs.

2. Do SEO for your fiverr Account ( Optimize your title and Description )

3. If you have website try to advertise in your own website.

4. Create your Mailing list

5. Create Different Video Advertisment

6. You can buy Traffic from fiverr


How do I buy real traffic?

You can buy online traffic with paid search ads . Where by you can pay little money for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc to display your site title as displayed ads

All target traffic based on 

1. Gender

2. Geography

3. Age

4. Professionals

5. Marital status

6. Interests

7. Income

How do I promote my gig on fiver for free

1. Start to use SEO.

2. Respond to all buyers requests.

3. Use blog or website to promote your gigs.

4. Promote your Gigs YouTube channel.

5. Create great Mailing list.

6. Use paid ads.