Sell college notes: Learn through short questions (FQAS) 2022-

Learn about sell college notes, study notes, ways to make money as student, revision notes,stuvia

1. Can I sell my notes for money?

Can I sell my notes for money

Selling notes online is a great way to earn some money. The way you put much effort on selling notes the way you get much extra money and being a top seller on selling your college notes.

2. Can I sell my study notes

May be you have a question about where can I sell my study notes? it's a simple question

Let's get started

You can sell study notes by using Educational platforms. Where by you can create or own your study store for selling your study notes. With that store you can boost your grades also you can make extra money by sell study notes.

The following are the list of website for sell study notes

1. Course hero

2. Stuvia

3. Nexus notes

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3. How much can you make by selling notes Online?

  • How much money that can be earned depends on sells from a selling college notes by the minimum value of $ 8.90 per single document. But according to stuvia announce that notes seller maker more $ 203 Dollars a month on it's platform

4. Can I sell my revision notes?

Where to sell your revision notes? If you have owning notes there is nothing impossible for you to sell your revision notes (Take a time to write and sell as book)

5. Is it illegal to sell notes in college?

Is it illegal to sell notes in college

- While the California Education Code precludes understudies and others from selling class notes.

- After that another campuses having a policies for free notes selling finally say Not-instructors, student Who own the copyright to their own notes

6. Is stuvia legal?

Is stuvia legal

  • Within stuvia you are the only one needed to upload and Distribute document if you are the only one copyright holder. Stuvia gives you sure and great assurance towards your Notes and no one will copy your notes.