Notesgen Review - how to sell college notes Instant Guide (2022)

sell college notes: learn more about sell college notes in notesgen , this is notes sharing website where you can sell your notes online

Notesgen Review - how to sell college notes Instant Guide (2022)
Notesgen review Highest earning jobs

This is one of comprehensive guide on how to use Notesgen website or app to earn money by sharing notes.

Which one is best part?
I'm going to show you how to gain knowlege and earning instant money by uploading your college Notes.

In short: If you want to gain knowledge and get earning through notesgen you will love this guide.

lets get started
Before i proceed lets stack on kwowing fully meaning of nite notesgen.

what is notesgen ?
Is polatfoam or website that is selling and buying study notes online. notesgen marketplace that you can join as a student, teacher, plofessional or enterprise and with the notesgen you can sign up through intering your details (full name, whatsapp number, G-email or with facebook account.

How notesgen works
with this learning website for both learners and educators you will  path through this steps.
I. How to buy a content on notesgen?
II. How to book a tutor  on notesgen?
III. How to sell content on notesgen?
IV. How to enlist zs a tutor on notesgen?

Step 01:
Browser the wide content range  from your hand writting notes ,E-book to individual from peers students, experts, school, institution, trusted sources around the world.

Step 02: To check the content details

After finding a contents ,what you need to do next is to preview a content you will be able to see the content price,ratings,reviews and the seller's details.

Step 03: To add a cart & Purchase

Just add your cart and purchase to your interested Notes through multiple payments like Ncash
Step 04: Access your Downloads 
After making payment now you will be able to download a content any time you like
My Account > My Downloads


Step 01: Choose your Study Topic

With notesgen you will get a chance to select a study subject from a tutor with experts on a topic you choose.

Step 02:  Preview Tutor Details

From a list of Tutor within Notesgen you will be able to see all details of tutor like Experience,qualification and Certifications, Introducation and Demo videos.

Step 03: Book Session

Now it's your Time to choose what you select by adding cart or book later from a tutor.


Step 01: Start by creating and scanning content
Prepare Notes and scan in popular document formats like png,Jpeg or PDF

Step 02: Upload Notes or Content
Set your title, Description and details of your content and set a price on it depends on Notesgen's Pricing Policy.
Check on 
Go to my Account > My content > Upload Content Section

Step 03: Start to earn on Notesgen
After your Content get reviewed ,It will be available to the Notesgen Community and Notesgen gonna give you Content Ownership.


Start by creating Session
Go to My Account > My Tution > Create Session, Add your Education Qualification,Teaching Certifications,Session Timings,Available Time slots,Pricing and Teaching Sample Videos and proceed on creating a session

Get Listed on Notesgen
After being Aproved you will be immediately listed on Notesgen Platform
Start to Earn in Notesgen
Accept Session request and start tutoring as per your schedule.


I hope you enjoyed my guide About how you can start earning quick Cash on Notesgen

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