Make money by Selling College Notes with this 10

If you look for side hustle on how you can make money while you at college this article will be better for you

Make money by Selling College Notes with this 10
Sell College Notes site for cash

There are quite differents ways on how to make money online as a College student, among them this may be new to you.

However, there are many ways to make quick cash as a College but this one makes you to sell your Notes without any investment.

just sign up and publish your College notes and start to earn passive income when you at your college
There fore in this short article , I will give all details on how you can benefit by selling notes that you sell for cash

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With this short article we will path through 10 site that buy and sell notes from your College.

List of website that provide a chance to buy and sell College Notes.

#3.Course Hero





#10. Oxbridge Notes

  10 Sites that buy and sell College Notes

Now it's your time to sell Notes and get some quick cash while at home or dorm
Before you upload note to this website make sure you read all the Term and Conditions.

With this site from Europe you can earn $2.60 for each note also you can fix the choice price for Notes.

This website charges a small seller's fee for all students who are selling College Notes also provide the specifications for all uploaded notes.

After sign up and start to upload your notes you can cashout once you earn 10 Euros in your seller's account.


OneClass from canada this site do not have boundries on selling and buy notes they accepts notes from USA and other Countries around the World.

With Oneclass you can earn 25 point per each college Notes that can be redeem to a cash
Normally you can earn more than $500 foer a semester or a Course by selling Only notes from your college.

3. Course Hero

Are you looking for passive income while at the College? If yes Course Hero must be hero for you.

 About more than 20 Million students in USA and  other Countries students selling Notes for cash.
Not only uploading the notes but you can earn $5 per view after upload College Notes

Just make your passive income and get cashout by Paypal.

4. Nexusnotes

Nexusnotes is one of simple website to sell notes for quick cash.The process is simple just sign up and start to upload notes within the seller account

After sign up and upload notes you will $35 for a set of topic notes when someone downloads your note.

With NexusNotes you can Get paid directly to your bank account after selling notes.


With Notesgen provides a service for selling college notes for cash and get the earning.

After sign up to Notesgen account you can connect other students to this website and exchange some college notes even sell notes for them directly for price you plan to apply

Large number even millions of college students use Studypool to sell College notes for cash.

Just sign up and start to upload notes for passive income daily with Studypool but all notes must be checked with experts in order to check for Notes qualities.

After being qualified you can sell notes for price planned by experts and money will be sent to your bank account or get paid by Pay Pal.

7.Notesmate give you chance to sell College notes and offer the app that take photos of you'r college and uploaded to Notesmates website.
You can offer some free service for downloading notes for free in order to attract many buyer to buy you'r colloege notes 
Notesmate to 20% of earning from the notes seller and get paid directly to bank account or Pay Pal.


Large number of students makes Millions od dollars from DocMerit by being paid more than 85 % of sales maide.

what you need to to is to upload notes with requared quality and being qulified by experts from DocMerit.

Just sign up and start to upload notes without any charges and waiting verification from DocMerit experts.

With you can get a service of upload college notes ansd sell it for quick cash after sign up to free account with NotesXchange.

You can upload some of notes before subscribing for a certain plan.

This site charges fees after uploading large number of content and they pay more than $30 per download ,you can make withdraw request for minimum amount of $10 to your bank acount or Pay Pal.

10. Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes Based in UK but provide a chance to buy and sell Notes to USA and other countries around the World.

With Oxbridge Notes you can sell some questions and answer paper of exams,ebooks and other digital study materials.

Oxbridge Notes offers notes in Word ,Pdf Formats and Audio books,

This website pays 75% of sale made by a seller and you can withdraw your money through Pay pal