Ezoic vs Adsense: Who pay High? with full Guide reviews (2022) | moneymakertrends.com

ezoic vs adsense learn more who pay high between google adsense vs ezoic

Ezoic vs Adsense: Who pay High? with full Guide reviews (2022) | moneymakertrends.com
ezoic vs adsense

Ezoic vs Adsense: who pay High? with full Guide reviews (2022) 

How much you can make with?

ezoic vs adsense which is better than?

If you have a question about ezoic vs adsense,which one is better for you this article is better for and will answer all questions about that topic 

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large number of blogger when they that to create blog or website ,they might thinking about earning money by Google Adsense as a first choice to monetize in to earn some profits on it.As we know Google adsense is very huge around the world

But before deep explanations of ezoic and adsense there are things to remember or note



Online money making depends on Traffics directly to your site and earning program you use, So if your site get small number of visiters it could be difficult for you to earn more it's better to know more about SEO (Search Engine Optomization)


let's go back to our topic (ezoic vs adsense)

Am just path through important things about Ezoic shortly without buying your time, this short explanation will directly leads you to choose which one will better for your but finally I will make my recommendation on which program to use for profitable Online money making (ezoic vs adsense)

Ezoic Guide Full Reviews

What is Ezoic?

Is Ezoic free?

How Ezoic increases Earnings daily ( How Ezoic works )

What is Leap in ezoic Earning program?

To be honestly one of best factor to drive organic traffics to a site the website speed takes a part on SEO (Searching Engine Optomization).

With Ezoic provide a tool called Leap which can be used as website speed booster by decreasing website loading time and this is Golden chance for you to increase ranking.  

Someone Ask me " Does ezoic increase website traffic" the answer is Yes and this answer depends on above explanation about Leap and another feature in ezoic which Called "Title Tag tester"

May be you can ask me 

what is Ezoic Title tag tester?

Ezoic title tag tester is Ezoic tool that help to find out better title for website post to improve SEO performance score.

How Ezoic costumer support?

Get full access in costumer help support in ezoic

Ezoic Minimum basic Requirements?

You Only need 10,000 per month page views in order to be monetized by Ezoic. If your site drive such kind of traffics just to use ezoic 

What are the Benefits features for Ezoic?

There are many Benefit Feature but am choosing this few important features for you.


1.Data Analytics:

Ezoic gives you better and Useful insights on which category posts done well one your site and shows What is EPMV (CPM of EZOIC) toward a given post.

2.SEO Analytics:

Ezoic gives a chance to connect google search console Ezioc account and provide insights of which is better for your earnings (Highest EPMV)

3.Add Video

With Ezoic you can get monetizing on videos 

embeded to your site without considering Youtube monetization.


Website speed is one factor for driving traffics directly to earnings to a site, Ezoic came with tool known as leap for cache image CSS,JS,HTML file in order to speed up your loading time in every page of a site, and with this factor you can improve rankings on google and other searching engine like yahoo,Yandex and get more vistors

5.Free SSL Access

Once you get monetize to Ezoic you will get free Access to SSL so don't need to buy it forever.


Google Adsense Guide short Review

What is Goolge Adsense?

Google adsense Is an online advertising program which offer user to earn money by publishing content in blog , website or YouTube videos.

Is Goolge Adsense free?

The answer is Yes, Google adsense is a free tool for all who wants to display ads to their sites for earn money through click or impressions on ads displayed in site.

How Ezoic increases Earnings daily ( How Ezoic works )

How Goolge Adsense provide costumer support?

Goolge Adsense Minimum basic Requirements? 

1. Create unique and valuable content

- Content is a king but great content generates more features on earning more with google adsense.

Low quality content decrease site visibility also create more bounce rate which having effect in google adsense income

- But with long form content without forget the SEO factors you will earn more.

2. Strick to One idea content

Google adsense announcing that always advertisers like pay for ad to a publisher who having great and single content idea sequence of article to another article.

This means when you start a website or blog about Online books you must stick to only Online books content and makes adsense to show ads related to your content published in your website or blog.

What are the Benefits features for Google Adsense Adx?

Final Recommendation


Which one is Better than (ezoic vs adsense)

This Answer is ezoic worth? or is Google adsense worth?